Arthur is a wildlife photographer, bear guide, and wolf conservation advocate focusing on deep wilderness areas in high latitude regions. In a world ever more disconnected from wilderness, Arthur strives to share intimate moments with North American megafauna to open the public eye to the beauties and realities of our natural world. His passion and focus in conservation lies among the bears of Alaska and wolves of the Rocky Mountains, in addition to other charismatic species such as moose, owls, coyotes, and foxes. He is also an accomplished wildlife guide spending his summers leading bear viewing experiences in Alaska and the rest of the year guiding in Wyoming, Colorado, and Canada. In 2023, Arthur and fellow OM SYSTEM Global Ambassador Brooke Bartleson launched their business Think Wild Expeditions to create intimate wildlife conservation and photography experiences for passionate nature lovers around the world.



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Black Wolf

Finding and Photographing Wildlife in the Forest

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Seek the wild, open spaces filled with wonder and inspiration; and strive to share these pure places with others, inspiring change in the most honest of ways.

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