Joe has been an internationally known professional wildlife photographer for over fifty years, beginning that career while still in high school. Mary Ann began her career shortly after taking one of Joe’s workshops, and soon after the two became an internationally known photo team. Joe and Mary Ann lead photo tours and safaris around the world and teaches nature photography at their home in central Pennsylvania. Joe has written several books on wildlife and wildlife photography, and many ebooks on the Olympus/OM system, and Mary has written nearly 30 children's books on natural history.


Website:  McDonald Wildlife Photography

Instagram:  @mcdonaldwildlife1

Three C’s define the OM system for us: Convenience, Creativity, and Competence. The light weight and smaller size of the gear makes for easy travel and transport, the many unique computational photography features have enabled boundary-breaking creativity, and the sharpness of the lenses and autofocus accuracy has given us the confidence that we’ll be competent, effective photographers.