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Session Start Time Speaker(s) Session Topic Link to Session
11am BST/
12pm CET/
6am ET
Clare Harvey-May and Claire Voyle Coffee with the Cla(i)re's bit.ly/3jKAvBV
1pm BST/
2pm CET/
8am ET
David Smith Exploring Menus and Dials: A Q&A with David Smith bit.ly/3CmMbmx
3pm BST/
4pm CET/
10am ET
Andreas Geh Exploring Bird Photography bit.ly/3ytgN3H
5pm BST/
6pm CET/
12pm ET
André Boss The Art of Nature bit.ly/3lBKX0V
7pm BST/
8pm CET/
2pm ET
Sergio Marcos Creatividad en Fotografía de Paisaje - En Español
(Creativity in Landscape Photography)
9pm BST/
10pm CET/
4pm ET
Brooke Bartleson Wildlife Photography: From Safari to Your Backyard bit.ly/3A5pDoC
11pm BST/
12am CET/
6pm ET
Peter Baumgarten Olympus Innovations for the Outdoor Photographer bit.ly/3CjqL9T



Learn More About Our Speakers and Sessions

Coffee with the Cla(i)re's

Join everyone’s favourite Olympus duo Clare Harvey-May and Claire Voyle for a cup of coffee or tea, LIVE on Facebook & YouTube for World Photography Day 2021! The pair will be on location shooting macro with our fantastic range of telephoto lenses. Expect tips, tricks and lots of close up critters!


Clare Harvey-May is a photographer who lives on the south coast of the UK. She loves ICM, long-exposure seascapes, food photography, and portraits of her spaniel. Claire Voyle is a photographer based just outside Cambridge in the UK. She enjoys F1.2 prime lenses, close-up nature captures, and has very recently got into baby photography. "Coffee With The Cla(i)res" started during lockdown, where the two photographers would go live from their homes to share projects, demonstrate techniques and interview other camera-lovers about what they'd been shooting while staying at home. Their shows reached thousands of photographers across the world, and you can still see all the episodes in OlympusUK's Facebook video library!


Exploring Menus and Dials: A Q&A with David Smith

Find out everything you ever wanted to know and more about the Olympus system in this Live session. Olympus Expert David will talk you through some of the key features of the OM-D range and the latest kit. He’ll also be answering any technical questions you might have LIVE, so come prepared with a list of what’s puzzling you and ask anything you like (within reason!).


David is a technical expert and has worked with Olympus cameras for many years. As well being passionate about educating people about photography and their Olympus products, he has also created a a virtual space for you to #LearnWithOlympus from home. David can be found either in the studio, shooting macro and wildlife, or out at night enjoying some light painting.



Exploring Bird Photography with Andreas Geh

Learn all about bird photography from Andreas Geh and why the Olympus system is the perfect choice for it. Andreas is a passionate nature and bird photographer and is happy to share his excitement as well as tips & tricks. Feel free to ask him questions whenever you like. 


Instagram: @andygehnp

Being a photographer just for fun since he was a teenager, Andreas joined the Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen (GDT e.V.) in 2008 and started to do professional photography. His love for nature and particularly for wild, rough and remote areas, led him to focus on landscape and wildlife photography with the purpose of creating more attention to preserve the diversity, beauty and value of our environment. He was GDT Photographer of the year in 2016 and his work can be seen in books, articles, projects around the world.



The Art of Nature with André Boss

Join this live session if you want to know all about wildlife photography from our André Boss and why the Olympus System is his first choice. He will go deep into wildlife and nature photography and share some results of his recent projects. Feel free to him questions whenever you like.


Instagram: @andreboss_wildlifephoto

André Boss is a professional wildlife & nature photographer and Olympus Visionary from Switzerland. With his style he always tries to photograph the animals in an exciting and artistic way and to capture his enthusiasm in the pictures.



Creatividad en Fotografía de Paisaje - En Español
(Creativity in Landscape Photography)

Analizaremos distintas técnicas y consejos sobre composición y exposición fotográfica, y cómo aprovechar al máximo las prestaciones de nuestro equipo para conseguir imágenes de paisaje más artísticas y personales.

(We will analyze different techniques and tips on composition and photographic exposure, and how to make the most of the special features of our gear to achieve more artistic and personal landscape images.)


Instagram: @sergiomarcos77

Sergio is a Spanish photographer, specializing in landscape photography. He has collaborated as technical trainer with Olympus in Spain since 2016. Professional since 2010, he offers other photographic services such as weddings, real estate photography, virtual tours, decoration, advertising and tourism promotion.



Wildlife Photography: From Safari to Your Backyard

Brooke will share how she photographed the wildlife on her recent trip to Botswana, as judge for Wilderness Safaris’ 2021 photographic competition, "Africa in Focus." She's discuss the techniques she used, which are the same skills needed for photographing wildlife in your own neck of the woods.


Instagram: @brookelittlebear

Brooke is a wildlife photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She has always been a lover of animals, and when she first began shooting she was naturally hooked on photographing wildlife right from the start. Her ultimate goal is to photograph all the core species of megafauna found in North America. When Brooke is not actively photographing, tracking, or scouting for wildlife, you can find her snowboarding.




Olympus Innovations for the Outdoor Photographer

Peter will explain the Olympus features he uses regularly in his landscape and wildlife photography and how they can help you! Get ready to learn about Live Composite Mode, Live ND, Focus Stacking, C-AF + Tracking, Pro Capture, and more.


Instagram: @creativeislandphoto

Peter has been a dedicated Olympus shooter for nearly 40 years, and has found a way to combine his passion for photography with his love of teaching to develop photography workshops with a focus on landscape, wildlife and astrophotography. Peter’s work has been published in a number of magazines including Canadian Geographic, Shutterbug and Outdoor Photographer. He maintains his own blog with an emphasis on tutorials that assist others in bringing their photography up to the next level.



Additional Live Streams

Check out local language live streams to Facebook from Olympus ambassadors.

Stream Time Speaker(s) Topic Link to Stream
5pm BST/
6pm CET/
12pm EST
Rostislav Stach & Petr Bambousek
Fotografování Divoké Zvěře
(Wildlife Photography)



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