August 21 - September 05, 2019
Cairns, Australia

Australia:  Weird wildlife down under.


Australia is a massive draw to nature photographers, as not only does it offer hundreds of new birds for first timers to the continent, it is also characterized by easy opportunistic photography. From kangaroos to platypus, Oz is known for its strange, unique and interesting wildlife, and your Olympus kit is sure to be working overtime capturing images of darling koalas, and rowdy cockatoos. We spend most time trying to get great shots of birds, but will also target many species of kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, rat-kangaroos, pademelons, possums, echidnas, platypus, and bandicoots.


This trip is not about sitting in the one location and spending the week with a single subject; it is about searching for target birds and other animals with very experienced guides who not only know photography, but also know the subjects and the way they behave.


The tour starts in northeast Queensland visiting everything from mudflats and mangroves to sandy cays on the Barrier Reef, and rainforests, savanna and swamps, before moving into the south of the same state of Queensland, where the cooler temperate forests are home to logrunners and lyrebirds; and then moves inland into the Outback where the already high parrot count will go up and is also home to Australia’s national bird, the Emu.

We then visit Tasmania to go after a further 13 species that are confined to the island, and other species more easily found there; these include New Holland Honeyeater and Flame Robin.