March 08 - 24, 2019
Delhi, India

Bird and Wildlife photography in Incredible India


India is a mystical country—culturally fascinating, and wonderfully diverse in terms of habitats, scenery, and the wildlife. We will capture this diversity using the versatile range of bodies and lenses that Olympus has, making this trip a photographer’s dream. One feature which characterizes India from many other destinations both in Asia and further afield, is that the dominant Hindi culture retains a high level of respect for wildlife, meaning that nature and “man” often live, side-by-side, making subjects easy to encounter and taking great shots a real possibility. We start this tour in the bird paradise of Bharatpur. A seasonal wetland that attracts hundreds of tame birds including stunners like kingfishers and herons. The tiger sanctuary of Bandhavgahr offers a real shot at menacing Bengal Tiger, before we make for the north-eastern part of the region to see and photograph the armor-plated One-horned Rhinoceros, and Asian Elephant with our Olympus kit.