November 01 - 17, 2019
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar: The eighth continent.


For those of you interested in testing out your Olympus macro-lenses, or are keen on photographing the weird and wonderful animals of a region that is basically gone crazy in terms of the forms and function of the many critters that are there, don’t miss this amazing tour to Madagascar. Madagascar’s flora and fauna are so different from anywhere else on Earth; five bird families and 120 species are found only here. Madagascar is also home to some of the planet’s greatest biological oddities, including other-worldly plants, Jurassic reptiles, and unfeasible birds and lemurs that appear to have their origins in Alice’s wonderland.… you will fill many cards with striking lemurs, crazy vangas, predators like Fosa and Narrow-striped Mongoose, colorful chameleons, peculiar geckos, and bizarre insects. Night walks are a major part of this tour, so flashes and macro-lenses are definitely highly recommended.