June 09 - 16, 2019
Barrow, AK

Tour Itinerary

This is an active trip! People considering joining this trip should be able to walk off-trail a half mile or more in each direction—while carrying camera gear and a bag blind, and while wearing bulky "winter" clothing and chest waders. Assess your level of fitness before enrolling.

Spectacled eiderDay 1 (Jun 9)
Participants fly from Anchorage to Barrow/Ukpiagvik, Alaska. Alaska Airlines (Barrow/ Ukpiagvik’s only airline) flights typically arrive in the early evening. Check into our airport hotel. Depending on the flight schedule, we meet in the hotel lobby for a brief orientation. Participants should prepare their camera gear, waders and clothing for tomorrow's early morning photo shoot. (Dinner is on your own tonight. We advise purchasing food in the Anchorage airport to eat on the flight to Barrow.)
Days 2–7
Photography at a location with 24 hours of daylight requires some personal adjustment in sleeping schedules! Our typical shooting schedule—influenced by weather conditions and distance needed to drive to a shooting location—has us in the field between 5 AM and 11 AM. We return to town for an early lunch, break for a midday nap, and then eat an early dinner. We are again out in the field between 5 PM and 11 PM.
Pacific loonBecause of the early shooting schedule, we are not in Ukpiagvik during typical breakfast hours. Breakfast items and snacks are not included in the trip fee, but can be purchased in town during the tour and carried into the field. (LD)
Day 8 (Jun 16)
Depending on weather and flight schedules, we may head out into the field this morning, returning to our hotel before check-out time. Flights to Anchorage are scheduled for late morning and early evening. Participants who need to connect with flights to the "lower 48" states should book the morning flight to Anchorage.