Brooke is a wildlife photographer based out of Idaho and Alaska. She has always been a lover of animals and advocates for the safe and ethical photography of wildlife. Brooke also works as a research tech, helping to collect wolverine DNA for population studies. Her ultimate goal is to photograph all the core species of megafauna found in North America.

When Brooke is not actively photographing, tracking, or scouting for wildlife, you can find her snowboarding and hanging out with her dog, Bruce.


Website:  Little Bear Wildlife

Instagram:  @brookelittlebear

Twitter: @FeralBrooke

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The portability of OM SYSTEM gear has been game changing. Having a light weight camera set-up enables me to go further distances and move more with more agility than ever in persuit of my wildlife shots. I can't say I move half as fast as a wild fox or elk, but hey, at least I can sort of keep up now.

What's In Brooke's Bag?

You can find the following cameras, lenses, and more in Brooke's backpack: