Petr has been fascinated by nature, dinosaurs and reptiles ever since he was a little boy. In 2002, Petr finally undertook his first a month-long expedition to Costa Rica that completely changed his life forever. Petr focuses exclusively on animal and nature photography. He undertakes a number of expeditions every year, especially to tropical countries. He tries to bring people closer to the diversity of nature as a whole, so he deals with a wide range of motifs from macros to birds to wildlife.

He is proud his photographs gained recognition on a number of international competitions such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature’s Best Photography, Bird Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, etc. You can see Peter's work in a number of magazines, book publications and photo exhibitions. He also publishes his observations on his website and social networks. Every year, he organizes a number of workshops, which help photographers to explore the secrets of nature photography. He also publishes tutorial videos, where he describes his approach to creating and subsequent editing photographs on a computer.


Website: Sula Sula
Instagram: @sulasulacom
Facebook: Sula Sula

I take wildlife photography as a gift of the Mother Nature that gives me the privilege of telling her stories in a single moment captured for eternity. The unique combination of Olympus/OM System gear features such as extra strong stabilization, compact dimensions, excellent optical lens quality and a number of handy functions literally opens new gates for me in creating attractive nature photographs. The only limit is my own imagination.

What's In Petr's Bag?

These are Petr's favorite cameras, lenses, and more: