Rania is an outdoor and lifestyle photographer based in the north of Sweden. Seven years ago she left the big city life and her dreams of fashion and interior photography behind. She sought something calmer and in the deep northern forests she found the quality of life she needed. After moving she stood on the porch with her morning coffee, watching the fog dance across the lake, and in the cold winter evenings she ran outside with her tripod to capture the northern lights. There and then something shifted in her, and she's been working as an outdoor and lifestyle photographer ever since. Today Rania works with clients to capture the outdoor lifestyle and products, and she works with local restaurants photographing their food and interior.

When she's not taking photos she's usually found in the climbing gym or playing board games with friends.


Website: @www.grainandfern.com/
Instagram: @grainandfern
YouTube: grainandfern


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OM-5: My Camera is My Travel Companion

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With my camera I walk slower and hone in to look at colours, shapes and textures that I'd otherwise walk right by.

What's In Rania's Bag?

You can find the following cameras, lenses, and more in Rania's backpack: