Notes From Joe

With the current world situation, many photographers are unable to shoot what they love to shoot. I am a people photographer who usually shoots in a studio. Portrait and wedding photographers are shut down, event photographers, advertising photographers and the list goes on - if we are going to be responsible and follow CDC and WHO guidelines, we can’t be out shooting like we normally do.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be using our cameras and it doesn’t mean that we can’t take advantage of this situation to improve our photography skills.

So my challenge to you is pick up your cameras and shoot something DIFFERENT. Pick a genre or genres that are different from what you normally do and push yourself to learn some new skills and to step outside of your comfort zone creatively.

I am going to shoot ABSTRACTS in my home. Abstracts of every day - random and boring objects photographed in a way to make them appear unique, interesting and in my case full of vibrant color - because I love bright colors.

I am not going to use lots of studio lighting like I normally would. I will work mostly with found light and I am going to share a video each day during this lockdown to share my thought process and also how I processed the images.

I will post the full res image son my Flickr profile, and I encourage you to join my Facebook group and share your Stuck at Home Challenge images with the rest of my group. I will be doing LIVE Image Reviews every few days to give you feedback on your efforts.

Whatever you do - stay safe and healthy. If you do have to leave your home to work - thank you for what you do and be safe.

No matter what - find time to pick up your camera and shoot something because, “Your BEST shot is your NEXT shot!”