Thank you for your inquiry and giving us an opportunity to assist you. We were sorry to learn that your product needs repair.

What are the terms and conditions of the warranty? 

OMDS warrants that its products will be free from defects due to manufacturing or parts failure under normal use, for the stated length of the warranty period. If any product proves to be defective within the warranty period, the product must be returned to an OMDS approved service center for evaluation and repair.  

The warranty will not cover any defects or damage resulting from: 

  • Wear
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Negligence: Such as but not limited to exposing the unit to impact, force, sand, liquid or servicing the product by anyone other than an authorized OMDS service center.

The warranty is valid for the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable. A card that states “Limited Warranty" is only covered in the country the product was formally sold by an authorized OMDS dealer or distributor.

In some circumstances as detailed in the full warranty terms, we will replace your model with a reconditioned same or comparable model.  

Please see the warranty information included with your product for the full terms and conditions. This may be on the back of the warranty card or included in the .pdf of your manual. 

What is the warranty period? 


Warranty Length 

Digital Camera 

12 months from date or purchase 

Digital Voice Recorder 

12 months from date of purchase 

Reconditioned Digital Camera 

90 days from date of purchase 

Reconditioned Digital Voice Recorder 

90 days from date of purchase 

Binoculars 12 months (or as specified on your warranty card at time of purchase)
Pro Binoculars (released 2018 or later, US ver.) 15 years from date of purchase


Can I purchase an extended warranty or protection plan?

Yes, if you purchased your camera or lens directly from our website, we offer multiple protection plans that extended your coverage beyond the initial manufacturer's warranty period.



What do I need to prove I have had the product within the warranty term? 

  1. A dated copy of the store sales receipt from your dealer, copy of order summary from online retailer, or copy of the dated packing slip is necessary to stablish the original purchase date of the product.
  2. A copy of the warranty card showing the applicable warranty period for your product (e.g., standard limited warranty, reconditioned limited warranty, or extended limited warranty card)

If the product is outside the warranty term, you will receive an estimate for the cost of repair.

Important: In some circumstances if we begin repair and see signs of damage previously undetected from the outside such as corrosion from water or loosened boards from impact, we will notify you the warranty is voided.


I do not meet the terms of the warranty for my product; can I still send it in for service?  

Units no longer covered by warranty may still be sent to us for repair. The cost of repair will be displayed when you select the product on the repair portal. This cost must be pre-approved before sending to the service center. If the repair is rejected after the product is sent in, a return shipping fee will apply. See below for where to send product. 

In some circumstances we will replace your model with a reconditioned same or comparable model if we deem your model not repairable. This can occur if there is damage or certain parts for your repair are not available. If this is not acceptable, please write so in the additional comments field on the submission form. We would return your model back to you and you will not be charged.  

Please be aware certain older products (usually 7 years since introduction) are no longer repairable due to lack of parts. If you do not see your model listed on the online repair submission form, we are no longer able to repair the product.

How much is the cost of repair?  

Warranty Repair:  

  • If your product meets the terms of the warranty, the cost of repair is covered by OMDS. If it is determined the warranty is voided due to negligence as stated in the warranty terms and conditions or it out of the warranty period, we will notify you of the cost of repair. OMDS reserves the right after three (3) months without a decision from you to discard your product without any form of compensation.
  • Shipment back to you is covered by OMDS.  

Non-Warranty Repair:  

  • USA: You pre-approve the estimate provided online. The provided estimate is determined on a flat rate system that covers the cost of parts and the time needed to repair the product. This is based on the typical time and parts needed to service this product model back to full operating condition. It is a set fee and in will remain the same after pre-approval for most cases. If after opening the product, this is found to have extensive damage, such as water damage or deemed as “beyond reliable repair”, this will not be covered by the flat rate fee and we will contact you with an updated estimate.
  • CAN: You will be provided with an estimate for your repair after completing the Canadian Repair form.
  • Shipment back to you is included in the service fee estimate. If the service fee and repair are refused after receipt at the service center, shipment back to you is not covered by OMDS.

Where do I send my product for warranty repair or for an estimate?

In the US, our repair facility is located in South Hackensack, NJ. In Canada, our repair facility is located in Concord, Ontario.

Please use our online submission form to submit your repair, using the link provided below and selecting “Submit your Repair Now”. After the form is completed, you will receive instructions on where and when to send in your product.

Service & repair Page

Outside of the USA or Canada: Please go to for facilities in your country.

How do I ship it?  

You will receive detailed shipping instructions for your product after completing the repair form. 

We also suggest following general considerations mentioned below for shipping your product to the service center:

  • Please package your product in a sturdy cardboard box with ample wrapping to protect it from being damaged in shipping. Bubble wrap around the body is generally a good protector. If the product is not reasonably protected it could become damaged in shipping voiding the warranty.  
  • We highly recommend adding shipping insurance to the package with your shipper up to the cost of the product, to cover in case it is damaged or lost in transit. OMDS is not responsible for any lost or damaged products that may occur during transit to the service center. 
  • Save your tracking information to provide proof of delivery for your item in case this is requested by our repair facility.  

What do I ship with it? 

You will receive detailed instructions on what to include with the product after completing the repair form. Please note the items listed below as general reminders on what to include with your product sent to repair:

For warranty repairs, 1) A dated copy of the store sales receipt from your dealer, copy of order summary from online retailer, or copy of the dated packing slip is necessary to stablish the original purchase date of the product. 2) A copy of the warranty card showing the applicable warranty term for your product. If you cannot locate this, please write this on your notes.

  • USA and Canadian Customers: Print out the completed repair form, or email confirmation from service center with repair order number and include this with your product.  
  • If applicable, please include some sample images or recordings that may help explain the issue you are experiencing. These can be included in the internal memory, as printed media, external media such as CD-ROM, or sent by email to the service center.  

Important: Please remove the media card and battery and do not include any other accessories such as cords, cases, etc. These can be misplaced during the repair process and OMDS will not be responsible for any such occurrence. However, if you think your problem is the result of a bad card, cable, or other accessory, please include it and indicate in your note. We suggest you rubber-band a note around the item itself.  

Important: It is your responsibility to backup any images or recordings that you may have stored internally on your product. During the repair process these files will not be saved or recovered.

How can I check the status of my repair?  

You will receive regular notifications by email with the status of the repair from the authorized repair center.

Please allow time for the product to be received and evaluated. We only list products in our data base once the evaluation has been completed. The evaluation generally takes 1-3 business days after it has been received. We will have no record of your repair until the evaluation has been completed. In the interim you may want to check with your carrier (UPS, FedEx, Post Office, etc.) and ask them for their proof of delivery statement to show that the service center has received the package.