March 23 - April 03, 2020

Ultimate Tigers Photography Trip with Workshop Partner Eric Rock

Few animals are as challenging - yet rewarding - to photograph as tigers in the wild. This photography adventure is designed to optimize not only finding but photographing these amazing cats in their natural environment. This twelve day trip provides all the instruction with Olympus Workshop Partner Eric Rock and support for eleven photographers to stay at a comfortable safari lodge at one of India’s best tiger parks.


Each day of our stay, we enter the park with the goal of locating tigers to photograph in different settings. Taking this one step further, we secure special safari permits to maximize our opportunities of locating subjects while inside the tiger reserve. To ensure that there is room for photographic gear and to allow for the best photography we limit the number of photographers in each safari vehicle to two.


While tiger photography is the main goal of this trip, India’s other predators along with multiple deer species and a myriad of bird species make wonderful subjects and round out the trip beautifully.