Could you share a bit about yourself and what made you fall in love with photography?

I am an engineer by profession, and it might be an occupational hazard, but I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of things and how a simple input can evolve in the most unexpected ways. In this spirit, I found myself drawn to photography, especially during COVID when spending more time outdoors was the only way to keep sane. I loved the technical aspects of learning more about the camera gear and editing but at the same time photography allowed me to express my creative side in a new and fun way.  


Congrats on winning the contest! How did you react when you found out? 

I could not believe that I had won the contest, I was ecstatic. I re-read the email at least 5 times to make sure I was reading it right and then showed it to my husband to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. I was so happy and felt so much gratitude.  


Can you explain us a little bit about the content creation project you are going to work on with OM SYSTEM? 

Sure, let me share some details about the exciting content creation project I am about to embark with OM SYSTEM. As an immigrant living in the fast-paced and highly competitive environment of SF-Bay Area, life can become overwhelming, causing us to forget the importance of cherishing and capturing moments that make us feel truly alive. That's why I am thrilled to use the OM System to showcase the inherent beauty of California and emphasize how effortlessly we can connect with nature to find solace and re-ground ourselves. 


Which equipment are you going to use? Are you enjoying it so far?

I am using the OM-5 with the 12-45mm lens. I also received the 8mm fisheye lens which I am planning to use for some night photography. I might get some opportunity to use the 40-140mm to photograph the rolling fog in San Francisco. 


Looking ahead, what are your goals and dreams as a photographer? 

Looking ahead, my goals and dreams as a photographer are to continuously evolve and refine my craft. Collaborating with other talented photographers and artists is another aspiration that will help me get better as a Photographer. I also aspire to venture into underwater photography using my OM SYSTEM camera setup. Overall, my aim is to keep creating and refining my work.