Well, everyone, this is my final blog. In my previous blogs, I have told you how exciting and educating my experience as a participant in The Break Free Program has been. Although, I have not spoken about the process of being selected for The Break Free Program.

Three months ago, I filled out my application while living in a hotel due to mandatory evacuations because of Hurricane Laura that devastated lake Charles on August 29th, 2020. While still being evacuated I would periodically make trips to Lake Charles, during those visits for the entire month of September cellular service was horrible and sometimes non-existent. The Wi-Fi was pretty much the same, however, there were a few places set up around the city as hotspots. This is why I was so shocked when I received the email notification that I was accepted into The Break Free Program. I remember the day like yesterday. As I walked around outside through debris and just still in awe of what took place. My phone vibrated a few times so immediately took out my phone as I was anticipating being notified, although those notifications were false alarms. As I walked back into my damaged house with no power or clean running water I decided to check my email and there it was, I was finally accepted. Shortly after it hit me that the opportunity I dreamed about as a young child running around with anything I could find that had a functioning camera just wanting to tell a story, would be able to in a major way.

I am quite satisfied with my overall project. In my opinion, I believe I took a very different approach than most people would. Throughout my time as a participant I have had many accomplishments but just to name a few I finished my fall semester of college at Tougaloo College with a 3.8 GPA and became an official member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

I am forever grateful to Olympus for trusting me and allowing me to tell the tale of two stories that resonate so deep within my soul. I am grateful for the support of my family and close friends.

What’s next for me? Well continuing to earn my Bachelor’s Degree and playing baseball at one of the greatest academic institutions on earth, Tougaloo College. As well as continuing my fight as an activist and journalist necessary and positive change across the world. Also, continuing to create and play music. In addition, hopefully continuing to work with Olympus and being a part of the Olympus family.

To follow my journey and stay in touch with me, please visit my website. I have many great things that will be happening in 2021. Also, I will be launching my blog and uploading new content frequently in 2021 on my website. I promise you will not want to miss not one small bit.

As I sign off for the final time I want to leave you with this quote: “You don’t have to worry about the favor of man and that's what I want to tell somebody who's listening to me now. Don't seek the favor of people. God has a way of taking you where you could never go on your own." -Pastor Shawn Jones.

I am officially out…