The last three months have been an amazing experience to work with Olympus Cameras. I
really feel like I broke free and started something great. This was my first time using Olympus
Cameras but it will definitely not be my last! This photo series has inspired me to do more
photography and really grow my skill set. Astrophotography is really the most challenging kind
of photography I have done so far and I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try
new things with your camera!

The 10 photos I have selected come from several nights being challenged by the weather, time and little knowledge in the beginning. The amazing help from my mentor Alexa has really helped my photos evolve and get better every single time I go to take photos. The challenges are still hard from my last blog but I’ve been able to better adapt even if the weather is getting colder.
I started this program to get the Girl Scouts in my area to be inspired by STEAM and to spend more time outside looking at the beautiful stars. Every time I go out I think of some of the amazing STEAM professionals I’ve met and think that I could inspire some future Astronauts or rocket scientists. I’m proud to say that six of my photos were taken at my Girl Scout camp and I hope to one day start a night sky photography program to inspire the creative side of STEAM and get girls really reaching for the stars.  

This is my favorite photo from my night sky series. After getting more comfortable with the settings of my camera I was able to capture some of the beautiful stars while showing the beautiful outdoor scenery. The added artificial light adds a bit of understanding of how light can travel and cause bad light pollution. It also shows the point of view of someone simply looking up and seeing the beautiful night sky.

Marie Young,  The Break Free Program
OM-D E-M1 Mark III | M.Zuiko 8mm F1.8 PRO
30s | F5.6 | ISO 500

As a younger photographer I’ve been happy to l earn from my mentor, try this new experience, and meet some amazing people along the way. I know that I always have room to improve and I can’t wait to continue my journey of being a photographer. It’s been awesome sharing my project with you and I hope you get to continue seeing my work as I learn more and grow.